PCGG Dismayed with the Recent Decision on the Lucio Tan Case

The Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) is dismayed with the recent Sandiganbayan decision dismissing the Republic’s case against Mr. Lucio Tan, a well-known Marcos crony and ally.

The PCGG believes that it has presented overwhelming evidence against the business tycoon which includes, among others, the judicial admissions of Imelda Marcos confirming the 60-40 Ferdinand Marcos-Lucio Tan business arrangement kept under wraps by layers after layers of corporations; the testimony of Senator Ferdinand ‘Bong-Bong” Marcos, Jr. who confirmed their family’s financial relationship with Lucio Tan; and the testimony of former PCGG Chairman Jovito Salonga on Lucio Tan’s offer of compromise which was flatly rejected by the Cory government. He likewise identified Rolando Gapud’s affidavit narrating in detail the Marcos-Lucio Tan 60-40 business partnership. The Sandiganbayan also failed to take into consideration the concessions made in favor of Lucio Tan during his takeover of General Bank and Trust Company (now Allied Bank). The decision could not have come at a worse time when there are valid issues arising from the proposed merger of Allied Bank with the Philippine National Bank.

Aside from these, the Sandiganbayan failed to give weight on a number of pieces of evidence, especially the offer of compromise personally written in June 1987 by Lucio Tan to then President Corazon C. Aquino. There were also numerous letter-requests, all authenticated and identified by its record custodian, showing Marcos’ hand and involvement in Lucio Tan’s various businesses. These notwithstanding, the Sandiganbayan completely ignored these crucial and vital pieces of evidence.

Currently, the PCGG and the Office of the Solicitor General are studying the Republic’s legal options in light of the recent ruling. Among the options being considered is the filing of a Motion for Reconsideration or a direct appeal before the Supreme Court. The PCGG is hopeful that despite this temporary setback, with the change in leadership in the judiciary, ill-gotten wealth cases such as the Lucio Tan case will be justly resolved in favor of the government.


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