Edilberto C. Reyes

When did you join the Commission?

1 December 1988

Why did you join the Commission?

Aside from economic reason, I thought I will be doing a patriotic duty by helping in the restoration of freedom and democracy and help restitute what was stolen from the people.

How has the Commission changed or impacted your life?

For the first time, I held my head high because I now belong to an institution who is a catalyst for change, from a greedy and corrupt regime to a clean and honest government. Until PCGG self-destruct and is now only a semblance of its old self, trying mightily to fend negative criticisms.

Kindly share a special or favorite memory (in the course of your work in the Commission).

As a member of the Technical Working Group of the ADHOC Committee on Behest Loans, I was amazed at the machinations and one upmanship employed by unscrupulous individuals to siphon funds illegally from the financial system with the collusion of bank and government officials.

What is your wish or dream for the Commission on its 25th birthday?

On its 25th Anniversary, with a new set of officers, I wish everyone will be given equal opportunities and those found to have committed misdemeanors will be penalized accordingly. I also hope that PCGG will recover not only its old glory but also its own dignity before it decides to fold its tent.


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