Lilia R. Yanga

When did you join the Commission?

9 February 1987

Why did you join the Commission?

Actually, it never came to my mind that I will join the government service. For 10 years, I had dedicated my time working in various private corporations. I joined the government because I was curious about the popular and favorite word at that time… “sequestration”… and the agency tasked to do the “sequestering,” the PCGG.

How has the Commission changed or impacted your life?

While it is true that there are no permanent  friends, no permanent enemies but only permanent interests, we can always give our best and we can always show our loyalty to the institution and the people we are working with.

Kindly share a special or favorite memory (in the course of your work in the Commission).

Most memorable days were during the sequestration period when some of us had to sleep inside the building for two to three days to work on it, while others have to go out and serve the sequestration order to workers and guards of cronies and dummies, and even fought with armed men and risked their lives for the Commission.  Those days were full of tensions and pressures.

What is your wish or dream for the Commission on its 25th birthday?

To bring back the good image of the PCGG from the day it was created, so that I can be proud again in telling my family and friends that I am still part of it.


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