Maria Lourdes O. Magno

When did you join the Commission?


Why did you join the Commission?

Because of the Commission’s challenging role at that time to go against the Marcoses. I took it as a challenge on my part to be able to contribute to the recovery of Marcos’ wealth (and that of his cronies).

How has the Commission changed or impacted your life?

That everything in this world has its end. Our sins can be forgiven and washed away, but their consequences are ours to pay. No amount of wealth, power, and fame can repay the humiliation and dignity lost because of greed.

Kindly share a special or favorite memory (in the course of your work in the Commission).

Unforgettable memories/experience were the numerous coup d’etat during the presidency of Pres. Corazon C. Aquino, when we were trapped at the Philcomcen Building, Ortigas.

What is your wish or dream for the Commission on its 25th birthday?

For PCGG to soar high again… that at the end of the day, for PCGG to be recognized not as a Commission of corrupt officials, but as a Commission who worked hard and gave meaning to its mandate.



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