Marife T. Vecina

When did you join the Commission?

9 July 1986

Why did you join the Commission?

I wanted to contribute in my own little way in recovering the People’s money.

How has the Commission changed or impacted your life?

It was beyond my wildest dreams that the Commission will be able to recover such amount.

Kindly share a special or favorite memory (in the course of your work in the Commission).

I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite memory, but it’s definitely something that I will never forget.

In the early days of the PCGG, the PhilComcen Building area was the frequent spot for rallies to be staged. There was a time that the door was padlocked by the mob and all of us were not allowed to leave apart from non-PCGG employees. This was back then when the PCGG was hot on the trail of Marcos and his cronies and the Marcos supporters gave the PCGG a piece of their mind. Most of us left our IDs inside the building so that we can exit disguised as non-PCGG employees. Traumatic, unforgettable but exciting experience.

What is your wish or dream for the Commission on its 25th birthday?

I hope that the PCGG will be able to extend its mandate to other public officials accused of money laundering, and not just Ferdinand E. Marcos and his family.


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