Core Values

CORE VALUES. Our actions, decisions, and our work are enlightened by values and deeply-held convictions. Ours is a Commission that is consultative, participative, and inclusive.

  • Collegial. We believe that collaboration, cooperation, and coordination are key to the successful operations of our organization.
  • Moral. We do not only do what is right, we strive to do what is good—for the country and the Filipino people.
  • Responsible. We welcome responsibility as an indicator of trust: the greater the responsibility, the greater the trust.
  • Transparent. We follow established procedures that are clearly spelled out and known to everyone.
  • Honest. We serve the people with candor and for no consideration other than to meet the ends of truth.
  • Competent. We work hard to respond and to be responsive to the needs of the country and our people.
  • Professional. We conduct ourselves in a manner that honors our office and positions as a public trust.
  • Systematic. We aim to be globally competitive strive to be efficient, in order to be effective.
  • Efficient. We make every effort to save on costs, without sacrificing the high quality of our work.
  • Punctual. We report for work on time, and respond to our stakeholders in a prompt and timely manner.
  • Self-Transcendent. We recognize that there is always room for learning and continuous self-improvement.



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