Citizen’s Charter


To restore the institution’s integrity and credibility, aligning its organization and efforts by recalling the noble intentions for which it was created.

To secure its place in history, by creating a legacy built on transparency, integrity, and accountability—and, in so doing, become the People’s Commission, and a model agency and exemplar of good governance.

To become the Commission on informed policy analysis and studies on techniques and methods to combat and prevent corruption.


WE, the officials and staff of the Presidential Commission on Good Government make our solemn promise to serve you with utmost courtesy and promptness from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. without lunch break, Monday to Friday by our personnel with proper identification at our office at IRC Building, No. 82 EDSA, Mandaluyong City.

We shall endeavor to attend and address your request for assistance, including queries and complaints and grievances.

We commit to render continuous public service by making available our officers and staff during office hours.


We would appreciate your thoughts about our service by contacting us through the following:

Write us at:

PCGG c/o Public Assistance Desk

No. 82 EDSA, Mandaluyong City

Or email us at:



Step Location Officer Responsible Maximum Service Time Documentary Requirements/Remarks
1. Receives information from the public or directly from the Office of the President. Message Center or Office of the Chairman Receiving Clerk 5-10 minutes Verifiable information
2. Information forwarded to the concerned Commissioner. Concerned Commissioner’s office Concerned Commissioner 1-2 days Memorandum
3. Concerned Commissioner validates the information through a verification process by the proper department. Research Department/Asset Management Department, 3rd Floor Heads of Research and Development Department and Asset Management Department 2 weeks Memorandum and supporting documents
4. Concerned department submits results of its investigation to the Commission. Office of the Commissioners Concerned Commissioner 1-2 days Report and supporting documents
5. Commission decides on the recommendation. Conference Room Commission en banc 1week Recommendation and supporting documents
6. In case legal action is necessary, Legal Department coordinates with the OSG for the preparation of appropriate pleading. Legal Department, 2nd Floor Commissioner-in-charge for the Legal Department 1 month Recommendation and supporting documents
7. Commission reviews and approve the pleading for filing with the appropriate court. Conference Room Commission en banc 1 week Pleading and supporting documents