PCGG Milestone Report

This report provides a summary of the issues and challenges which the Commission continues to confront and tackle in pursuit of its primary mandate(s) to return to the public treasury ill-gotten wealth accumulated during the time of former President Marcos and to propose safeguards to prevent the occurrence of corruption. Highlights of the report include brief discussions on the following:

  • 2011 remittances and 2012 projections
  • Performance highlights of surrendered/sequestered corporations
  • Privatization efforts
  • Significant milestones in the Commission’s cases
  • 25th Anniversary activities

This Milestone Report seeks to serve as a succinct accounting of the Commission’s activities in the last 20 months and its endeavors to carry out its mandate of helping promote the ART (Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency) of good government.

To view the report, please click on the link below:

PCGG Milestone Report